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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Announcements

Well, it’s official. I’ve utterly outgrown the old format. I’m definitely determined to not only start writing Decadent Angels in prose format instead of poetry, but to also convert the previous episodes from poetry to prose.

Me being me, I’m highly likely to create extended cuts for the earliest installments of the story as I write up the conversions.

Since I got me one of them Nook e-readers last week, I’ve had this fierce urge to start work on prepping Decadent Angels to release as e-books, as well as in print.

Also, today I updated the look of this blog. Yay, now it matches the main Bent Realm site much better. I also included my 1st whack at an illustrated header for it. About damn time on that.

Today I also started a Decadent Angels shop via Zazzle. Right now it’s just got one t-shirt in it but I’ve definitely got ideas for other items brewing in my noggin.

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