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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hurdles Slaughtered & Hybrid Mix Assimilated

Well 2010 was more of bust for productivity than I would have liked. Still got cowloads of stuff done. This year will be even better. What with the training wheels getting to come off.

Had a major break through in my organization process in December, which drastically reduces the amount of time spent hunting down specific items needed for a project. This last week, better known as the 1st week of the year, I tried out a new version of my schedule & it is working so much better. Which of course means more time freed up to work on Decadent Angels!

Also, I got a pen & tablet for Christmas which came with a better copy of photoshop. Yes, yes  art supplies that tis, but they also have major implications for Decadent Angels too. In designing merch for it, in finishing the title font image for the top of this blog – pretty the place up, and it too saves time. Time that can be applied to projects like this one.

Just spent an hour working on DA up in my art studio. And I managed to
, among other things, hammer out the full line-up of Gillian’s species mix. Which was pretty crucial for me, as the author, to know. Naturally, in my excitement I want to blab all about it here. But I can’t cuz of it’ll blow story elements & stuff. Pout >.<

It’s ok though. I’ll make it available someday. And there’s always things that can be said without giving too terribly much away.

[minor spoiler alert]

  • The official name for this new species that Gillian has become as a hybrid is called – Divine Generated Hybrid (DGH). Which will be mentioned in 12.2. 
  • Gillian is a hybrid of exactly 23 species. Several considered good, several considered evil, several considered neutral. 
  • 4 of the species are considered fully undead, 1 semi-undead, 1 fully dead, 3 fully alive; the rest are not typically classified on that spectrum. 
  • And ghoul is not the only djinn sub-species in Gillian’s breed 

[end minor spoiler alert]

Another thing that held me back in 2010 in releasing the series as I’d wanted is – quite simply the story has fully outgrown the format. It was hard to come to terms with, but it has. When I started writing it I had no clue where it would end up. But at this stage I just have to admit I’m more of a long form writer than a short form writer. These parts have more that longs to be told. Or perhaps rather that needs to escape from the prison of my brainmeats.

The serial poem form isn’t the only part of the format that the story has outgrown. I chose the 1st person viewpoint on a whim, meanwhile in my mind scenarios are playing out & going on in the story that I just cannot put in due to the 1st person perspective. At the same time the 1st person stuff from Gillian is necessary to the story. So that only leaves the need to take yet another unconventional road with this series. Which I expect is fine considering it was experimental & unconventional from the start. I’ll get to more about that solution another day [which will be linked here]

Fortunately, the serial part of the format is still what works for the story .

The format changes shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I already interject non main story bits on here, and the story has been slipping more into prose form with each new part released. Hopefully, the progression can be gradual still. However, writing is it’s own master, obeying my subconscious  more than any other part of me, so I have limited control over such bits.

Thoughts? Comments? Chastisements?

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