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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arc 12

With Arc 12 Decadent Angels moves fully into a different approach to breaking down story segments. Most episodes from this point forward are to be set into arcs with each arc likely having more than one section or episode. I realize that may be confusing or sound like mere semantics, however it allows me more room to flesh out scenes of the series, to address important things that might otherwise be skipped if I continued doing the series as the first many parts had been done.

Arc 12- The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh
The title is taken from the last line in episode 11.

I wrote out a basic plot for 12, then sectioned it off into … sections. The plot for 12 was done in November 2008, very quickly. Then that December
I wrote the outline for one additional scene, plus notes on the 5 sections were done while writing 12.1. I then posted the finished 12.1 to Drenched in Eternity in January 2009, shortly after it was done. The plan of course then had been to write up and post 12.2 sometime in February, and each successive one a month later. But then life got crazy hard for the rest of 2009, and I had to focus on job hunting, unsuccessfully I might add. Stupid recession.

About a year ago this month, I decided it was getting pretty close to time to start up a proper website, the kind where I owned my own domain, and didn’t rely on something like webs or tripod or some other type thing, since I wanted more control over the site design. And one of the things I wanted to do was port Decadent Angels to it and begin putting out new installments. I got a proper site with a different name just to be sure I could pay for one regularly, before getting the one I really wanted, in case I might lose it. Of course this led me to do very little with that site, and I ought to have changed it to this sooner, might be further along by now.

October last year we got relocated from California to Illinois for my fiancĂ©'s job. So naturally that caused further delays in getting back to the series, but not as much of delays as I would have had, had we not been relocated. In January, this year I started re-releasing Decadent Angels in this blog. With all it’s own space. I’ve had a few setbacks & delays this year too but I think I’m getting a much more organized arsenal for combating delays.

While it’s true that part 12.2 is not yet fully written, I expect it to go up sometime in August. I’d originally aimed for June, but life just didn’t let me have my way on that. When I do write up a new part it’s written rather quickly, but it’s written hot. And I have all this material I’ve been pouring over to get completely re-familiarized with this series, while not shirking too many of my other duties.

I had intended this to be a deeper preview, but really what I already wrote preview wise for all 5 parts of Arc 12 gives nothing away that I don’t want to give away beforehand, and allows me the freedom to write it more naturally than if I gave more details in a pre-writing preview. And the biggest thing I wanted to mention but couldn’t before 11 posted was that the arc titel for 12 came from the last line in episode 11. Of course, in my epic blondeness, I realize I definitely could have said that without revealing things to soon since the last line couldn’t have been read until in 11. Ah, hindsight, always more awake than foresight.
12.1 is expected to post this week.
As to the supplementary content that will regularly show up as soon as I can get it too. I had thought May and June would be a tad smoother with my Bent Realm work than it actually was. July has already been a bit more according to plan in that area.
Just a reminder here’s the line up for coming episodes:

  • 12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance

  • 12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip

  • 12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion

  • 12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading

  • 12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

  • I look forward to bringing you far more Decadent Angels goodies throughout the rest of the year and for however long the story goes on. It’s certainly not my only story or series though, not by a long shot!

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