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Friday, May 7, 2010

Preview, Brief: 11 – Enter the Witch

With the unexpected April delays, the posting of Decadent Angels parts 11- 12.2 got pushed back. 11 will be up very soon, but I thought I’d like to give a little taste of what’s to come in it. Also I hope to put little previews like this up with each installment of the series, including an update. Extra features and supplementary content is expected to fill out most months a bit more evenly from now on. Episodes 1- 12.1 are re-posts, so with 12.2 I expect to go a little more monthly with the episode releases, or roughly about every 5 weeks. My schedule and plans do not allow for it to be more frequent. Art is also expected to begin coming out for DA this year.

As Gillian's hunger approaches a dangerous threshold, Azrael summons a witch to diagnose her species of undead & to seek an antidote to the poison that's apparently also tweaking her system hard. So enters the beauteous witch Astromena (who will play a significant role in the series), is it just me or is she not playing with a full deck?

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