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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A brief Preview of upcoming titles


Upcoming pre-hiatus episodes are:

  • 11 – Enter the Witch
  • 12.1 (see below)

Part 12 is a five part arc called The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh. And the sections are as follows:

  • 12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance
  • 12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip
  • 12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion
  • 12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading
  • 12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

    11 – Enter the Witch

    A new character, the witch Astromena enters the series. She will be a regular.

    12 The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh

    I’ll reveal more about arc 12 after 11 posts. Gillian’s condition becomes critical, and the thing that she needs to avoid crossing a dark threshold may arrive too late. She is pulled on an unexpected excursion that reveals some interesting developments.

    12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance

    The prognosis grim, Gillian slips closer to a dark threshold.

    12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip

    Pulled away from Lake Pit 12, Gillian learns more than she expected to about the Akashic Realm, discovering the Akashic Records are more than real.

    12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion

    Just like what the title sounds like it would be about. A bit more detail later.

    12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading

    Gillian gets read by a siren Oracle half breed, who will be a recurring character.

    12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

    The time has come for Gillian to feed. How bad could it be?

    And there you have what’s coming. I would have liked to say a bit more but could not see a good way to to do that before episode 11. Ah but that will come soon enough. Which part do you look forward to most? Do you have any questions about the series?

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