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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A brief Preview of upcoming titles


Upcoming pre-hiatus episodes are:

  • 11 – Enter the Witch
  • 12.1 (see below)

Part 12 is a five part arc called The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh. And the sections are as follows:

  • 12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance
  • 12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip
  • 12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion
  • 12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading
  • 12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

    11 – Enter the Witch

    A new character, the witch Astromena enters the series. She will be a regular.

    12 The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh

    I’ll reveal more about arc 12 after 11 posts. Gillian’s condition becomes critical, and the thing that she needs to avoid crossing a dark threshold may arrive too late. She is pulled on an unexpected excursion that reveals some interesting developments.

    12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance

    The prognosis grim, Gillian slips closer to a dark threshold.

    12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip

    Pulled away from Lake Pit 12, Gillian learns more than she expected to about the Akashic Realm, discovering the Akashic Records are more than real.

    12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion

    Just like what the title sounds like it would be about. A bit more detail later.

    12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading

    Gillian gets read by a siren Oracle half breed, who will be a recurring character.

    12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

    The time has come for Gillian to feed. How bad could it be?

    And there you have what’s coming. I would have liked to say a bit more but could not see a good way to to do that before episode 11. Ah but that will come soon enough. Which part do you look forward to most? Do you have any questions about the series?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10. 2 Lake Pit 12 continued. Decadent Angels

"Gillian, what is this to you?"
At a loss, I remained silent,

"Is it just a game? It started out that way,
Back when Miradra and the others presented you to me so long ago,"
He paused, closing his eyes and tilting his head slightly,
I'd never seen him like this,
"It no longer feels like a game, it feels like something else,
I can't put my finger on what though, all my life I've had nothing else,
Just evil, commanding, and games..."
There was a dismal anguish on his face,
"I shouldn't be telling you this, you've already too much power...
But Gillian, I'm lost. I do a lot of reading, looking for an answer,
It doesn't help me figure this out though,
I feel as though I'm losing my mind..."
He turned away, arms folded,

Decadent Angels hiatus nears an end, 12. 2 expected to post end of April

Almost finished posting the backlog of Decadent Angels episodes. The 1st new episode written since I unfortunately had to put it into hiatus in 2009, should be posting at the end of April [see Update below]. I had not wanted the hiatus to be this long but 2009 was rife with unexpected doody. Yes I said doody! Eh, what can I say it was a rough year.
Episode 10.1 clocks in at 2,460 words. Originally episodes 10.1 & 10.2 were one part until the mediocre blogging thing over on myspace (was posting in Drenched in Eternity at the time) glitched when I noticed a typo and went in to fix it. Inexplicably altering the formatting in a way I could not undo I was forced to break it it into two parts. So I looked for a natural place to split it . This occurred after I finished and posted episode 11 in there. Naturally jacking up the blogroll order, grumble, grumble. It was then that it dawned on me the episode length was becoming large enough to warrant arcs.

Somewhere around this time the lack of any background work on this spontaneous project was beginning to take a toll on me. I had to take a couple months to catch up. After part 11 posted it took awhile to plot out arc 12. I was also becoming very frustrated with the limitations myspace blog app. Though, it was better than the blog app in the now defunct Yahoo 360, the 1st home for Decadent Angels.

Part 12 is a five part arc called The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh.
The entire The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh arc was plotted prior to that hiatus. After doing part 12 as a 5 part arc many future Decadent Angels releases will be done as multiple part arcs and the number preceding the dot I’ve begun calling it’s arc number (i.e.- the 12 in 12.1 would be the arc number).
As I was to begin drafting 12.2 certain aspects of my future were very up in the air(February 2009). Aspects that were very relevant to the whole me writing regularly thing.

I do have some rough ideas of what will go into part/arc 13, it is not yet plotted out in any detail.

10. 2 Lake Pit 12, continued should be posting later today.

[UPDATE- 5/5/10- Admittedly, end of April posting date for 12. 2 was overly optimistic, a slew of unexpected disruptions filled April.  Parts 11 and 12. 1 as well as special features will go up through May and 12.2 will post either at the end of May or beginning of June, assuming my plan for conquering May goes properly.]