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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How are you feeling about the format?

How do you like Decadent Angels so far? How are you liking the poetry format?

It allows me to turn the phrases a bit more poetically than would be accepted in prose form.

I do find the 1st person view limiting in so far as the other characters are concerned, so naturally I have plans to at some point release additional material focusing on other characters. If enough people ask I will adapt the series into prose form. How many is enough? A lot.

I know that many find poetry off-putting. Horror poetry is not done by many, it’s an often ignored option when one starts a poem. So much so that awhile back I had someone tell me they thought I’d invented the genre. While as flattering as that was, I’m certain that it does pre-date my birth (Edgar Allan Poe anyone?). At least in this life anyhow. Though I did write my 1st horror poem in 1995, two years after I wrote my 1st poem. No clue when it was invented though.

Even more rare is the horror poetry that tells a story in serial form. So maybe I do get to trail blaze after all.
Not only that I find fictional prose difficult to pay attention to online. Naturally, I might feel different if I had an e-reader. I so dearly want to have at least one ongoing story online. Clearly I’m not counting comics, different format entirely. Though I will at my earliest opportunity begin doing illustrations for the series. Also at some point I’d like to do comic books based on the this story poem series.

So what are your thoughts on the format?
What other formats would you like to see it in someday?
Do you find fictional prose difficult to sit still for online?
How do you like e-books in comparison to in print?

I like printed books better myself, for many things, not all but many. I do not enjoy having to boot up a device to dive into a book. I like jumping right in to it, and I find books less cumbersome than devices, easier on my eyes, and easier to see in the daylight. But what do I know I don’t even have an e-reading device…


♥ Kara ♥ said...

i am a big fan of poetry, but for some reason i find prose easier to read online, although i, like you, do not have an e-reader. luv to see this illustrated in comic-book-like neil gaiman's recent "dream hunters" mini maybe? ツ*

Christina Nabity said...

Good to hear I'm not alone in wanting a comic book type version of this series done :D

Though I love writing poetry, I typically have a hard time reading other peoples poetry. Poetry that hits the right chord in me, the chord that makes me stay with it to the end, is difficult to find. I find the fictional prose harder to read online simply because I cannot get comfortable & immerse myself in it, like fiction deserves.

And Neil Gaiman's Dream Hunters, I actually have a copy of that :d It's a good format and I'm surprised it's not used more. But yeah that is somewhat the format approach I've been thinking of to do an illustrated version.
Though I'm not entirely ruling out the possibility of doing a fully comic book version. The thing that holds me back from that is compared to many of my other series I've created, Decadent Angels is pretty new, created it in 2007. I've been developing comic book series since 1994, so there are many series taking up much larger real estate in my head.