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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 8: Training Montage

How long after the Elohim left I remained pulsing on the Lake floor, I do not know,
A strange hunger began to form in me,
A sensation that had not been there in so long it felt utterly foreign,
But hunger was the least of my problems just then
I had a mission to give the worlds a spanking
And my newly undead corpse was atrophied worse than that chick from Kill Bill
No simple wiggle your toe crap would be effective here
Even despite that, power swelled up in me searching for an outlet,
Funny how someone can feel such heady massive power
And yet so desperately weak simultaneously
I vowed to myself to never forget this freakishly humbling feeling
To never take my newfound power and purpose for granted

The power pulsating through my body, and the sounds of the dead and fire all around me

Gave me an epiphany, I knew how to force my degenerated muscles to move,
To move like the warrior I was now enquested to be,
In my mind's ear I transformed the pulsing in my body
Like unto the pulsing bass line of a song
I focused on the sounds one at a time converting them into music
The screaming became the vocals
The crackle of the flames and the snap of crisping dead flesh - into the percussions
Forcing my eyes shut, I willed all the sounds of these poor sons of bitches
Clumped around me, into music to serve my needs
It was a painstakingly slow process
Then suddenly it all coalesced,
Fusing into the most wicked hauntingly sweet melodies
As was necessary to the success of my plan,

Then listening to the rhythm I thought of belly dancers
Of how they moved their muscles individually to form their luxurious alluring dance
I pushed the music into my limbs and torso, so it was no longer just felt in my head,
Achingly slowly, in immeasurable increments of time
I worked that rhythm into my immortal undead corpse
Urging my muscles to flex to the beat, in rapid succession
Until they began to obey, my abdominal muscles rolling to the rhythm
My hips gently swaying,
Lying on the floor of the Lake of Fire
The enfleshed souls of the damned crackling peeling melting and reforming, surrounding me,
Packed in tight like sardines
I used the sounds of their torment as music to
Engulf my body in a strange flexing prostrate dance
Soon I might be able to rise from the Lake bed;

My hands curled into a standard ballerina pose,
I began to roll my wrists
Fiercely hanging onto the rhythm I had sussed out of the racket
Matching my hips and ankles to the movements of my wrists
Soon I acquired an unconfined range of motion in my fingers
I flexed, curled and rolled them to my haunting melody
That range of motion then began to extend to rest of my body
And what followed were endless years spent floor dancing posing and stretching
A more vertical on my feet dance position looming ever closer towards my grasp
I thought also of martial arts, incorporating them in with the belly dancing,
Soon I had my limbs up entangling through the flamage,
Swirling out patterns in the liquid fire

The moment I was ready to stand I found myself tossing my corpse to my feet
By putting my hands to the ground over my shoulders
And springing up like I'd seen in numerous movies,
A move I'd always sickeningly down-to-the-bone envied
A grin spread across my face
The fire swooshed, swirling in my wake,
My hunger surged, growing more persistent, I chose again to ignore it,
I continued in serpentine motions twisting like an uber skilled belly dancer,
Then I supposed that, perhaps, all those hours spent alone in my tiny apartment
Watching belly dancers perform in gothic industrial metal music videos
And insane martial arts movies no one else seemed to have ever heard of
On some weird channels that should not have been coming in on
My dinky cable-less TV
Had not been such a waste anyhow

A wistful winding feeling spiraled through my innards
It was alien to me, maybe a spark of drive and joy,
As I realized I had likely been destined for this all along,
That my pathetic existence and pitiful premature death
Had some meaning after all;
I gleefully embraced my training, looking forward to the battles ahead
I began to switch seamlessly back and forth between badass ninja moves
And liquid supple belly dancing,
Some of it outright defying gravity,
I flew into a triumphant roundhouse kick
And accidentally decapitated a fellow Lake prisoner
"Oops!!" I squeaked out, my hand flying up to cover my mouth as I cringed,

A melter, resembling a lady, across from us glared grotesquely at me
"Heh, my bad," I yelped piteously as I scrambled after the wayward head
My voice was a raspy croaking horror,
I'd have to do something about that,
I returned the head to the proper dead soul
To the cranky corpse across the way, "See, good as new," I croaked,
Then the decapitated fellow and his freshly replaced head
Melted into a sizzling bloody puddle,
I cringed again, the cranky lady glared even harder,
As though my antics were ruining a really enjoyable portion of her eternal torture,
The woman was so distracting, I decided to move to a different part of the Lake
Sifting through crammed in corpses, and treading through flames like water,
I migrated to the right,

Closing my eyes as I settled into my new spot I pulled the music back out of the din,
This time much faster, I resumed my training exercises now adding vocal work too,
I refused to sound like a dead frog on speed,
Enemies would only laugh me off the battlefield,
It was not long before the temptation to
Use my fellow Lake inmates for target practice won out,
I began ninja-kicking the living daylights out of the damned
I was relieved to note that they did not seem to mind
Or even notice...

Suddenly there was a tapping at my shoulder, startling me hard,
I swiveled around, hands raised in a combat ready position,
It was one of those creepy fiery deity ridden skeletal hosts,
"I did not hear your arrival," I lowered my hands,
Its maw gaped open and the beauteous scream-song voice of the Elohim poured out,
"Ah, yes, astral-syncing to your location grows easier,
So yes, less noisy, Gillian beastie,"
Then it dangled a magnificent gilded red flame sword at me,
"We come bearing fun gifts, we wish to reward your diligent training efforts...."

It trailed off eerily, its head slowly rotated a full 360, taking in the view,
"It is STILL on fire here! We did not leave the Earth to the human wrigglies
For them to scorch the piss out of it!
Earthly fire extinguishing beasties have really been slacking off!
Maybe they should be flogged...."
I tried not to laugh and failed miserably, doubling over and slapping my knee,
The Elohim had that effect on me,
I righted myself, cleared my throat and said as delicately as possible,
"Um, no disrespect. This is not Earth, this is the Lake of Fire,
A prison of eternal torture in the Hell dimension,"
The Elohim were silent for awhile,

The host raised it's free bony hand above its skull and waggled its fingers,
As though it meant to scratch its head and missed,
The Elohim then sang out, “But these are all Earth children,
Whatever are they doing in the domain of the underbeasties?"
The skeletal arms flung up gesturing absent- mindedly,
I snatched the sword before replying, marveling again at it's beauty,
"Earth people go to non-earthly dimensions like Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, or where-ever
After they die," I shrugged,
The Elohim host swooped in closer, filling my entire line of sight,
"This is a new development since last we were awake,"

Then another ponderous silence,
Then, "We did not mean to sleep, we were forced into dormancy by a lack of food
Out exploring the depths of earthly space,
And then we inadvertently dreamt ourselves
Into a new dimension of our dream distorted design,
We are now embarrassed to admit, we could not re-awaken ourselves in here and
We are now only able to exit our dimension only by astral means,
Much has changed in our absence..."

A pause and then, “We brought another training gift for our tincy Gillian girl,"
They drifted into silence again -
Apparently pondering my relatively tincy stature,
The host abruptly but gracefully stepped aside,
With these parting words, "The Elim, in antsy boredom,
Have decided to honor you with possessing these fiery dead things,
To aid in your battle training, for there is much ass-kicking to be done,"
With that the Elohim were gone, the skeletal host stuck in place and resumed to burn,
I saw an unforgettable sight surrounding me,
Thousands of blazing skeletal hosts possessed by the Elim,
Raising their hard-core arsenal at me,
They let out a guttural war cry, and swarmed upon me as one vast sleek battle unit... be continued....
Hope you liked it. (Part 8 originally 5/9/08) Truly the Elohim are a pleasure to write, as are the Elim.

What did you think of this episode? What’s your favorite part of it? What kinds of questions are you having about the story pop into your head?

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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