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Friday, March 12, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 7 : Enter the Elohim

The light that accompanied them, so familiar, lends to a theory that genuine angels had just
Miserably failed to rescue me from this eternally consuming liquid flame cell
A flicker of rage at their insulting tones and insinuations flared
And surged powerfully at their disgustingly accurate assessment of
Who I had been, a weak imitation of someone worth saving,
But I have become a brand new girl,
Countless decades spent melting amidst the damned in this infamous Lake of Fire
Affected unforeseen wild changes in me;
My body, transfiguring, adapting, solidifying; and I became fire proof
That once searing delirious pain - gone without trace
My rage, once fierce and shimmering off of me in echoing waves,
Dulled down to little more than a dull ache,
My persona vastly rewritten, in the wake of regret,

My ears perked up noting a change in the flame crackle, a strange pattern emerging
The octaves of the damned souls screaming altered,
Rapidly jumping betwixt the higher and lower frequencies,
Sounding like some freakish radio station scanning episode,
Something was trying to come through, the flames around me fluctuated;
Abruptly the scanning synced up and a soft melody, formed of screams, broke through;
It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard
A now familiar presence wound through my nerve endings,
That which my rage seems to have awakened had arrived,

In my peripheral vision something approached slowly on the left
A skeleton, all ablaze, came towards me in a stiff but airy manner
Instinctually I knew the skeleton was one of the damned in a suspended state of
The melt and reform cycle, so superfluous in this lake,
Possessed by some otherworldly force, outlandish in it's emanations of power
The skeletal maw fell open and did not move as the force within spoke
The other damned fell completely silent and still,
Unable to make a sound for the duration of this contact
Unsurprisingly the voice sounded like that melodic beautiful screaming from moments ago

"Ahhh she is at last awakened enough....we have arrived!"
The skeletal arms lifted awkwardly, in emphasis
Then thoughtfully, "It's a little more on fire here than we expected...,
Um, earthchild creature beastie - was your world always this on fire?
No wonder you’re so pissed off..."
The skeleton's limbs remained aloft, the creature grew vaguely silent for a great while
I tried in vain to speak, to explain, but I was not yet that free in my range of motion
The entity seemed to remember itself and began to speak anew
"We have been trying to reach you for some length of time;
Child - you give us life!"
It moved closer looming a bit above me
Its gaping maw opened wider still, unleashing glowing vapors into every fiber of my being
Pain deeper than the pits of hell could offer engulfed me
The entity's essence bonding with me on some intense indescribable level

I became aware that this was no single entity, and it's use of we - not a speech affectation
The pain began to ebb
Images sloshed through my brain in a direct feed from them
It swirled in sheer amalgamated chaos,
They fed me a massive chunk of their collected memories
Within it I witnessed all of creation and then some
The vaporous tendrils slithered out of me
Dropping me to the lake floor
Looking up at the skeleton, host for this deity ridden force,
My nose then bled blood I should not even have

"We return the favor beastie earthchild Gillian,
You should have told us sooner you were deceased!"
I croaked, in a rasp so pitiful I cringed, "I'm alive?"
"Er, in a manner of speaking, we remember little of the race of man,
Your mushy brain chunks tell us the most accurate term for what we seem to have made you
Would be - Undead Immortal, this must be better than dead yes?"
I tried to wipe the blood from my nose, managing only to twitch, "I 'spose,"
The skeleton bent down in unnatural angles to peer closer,
Even when they fell silent raspy echoing scream-songs still exited the host’s mouth

I knew from that bonding episode they were beyond good and evil,
I knew they had tasks to set me to,
They saw me as a worthy servant, akin to a temple-maiden
Their contemplative silence seeped through me
Echoing their desires;
They had long been dormant, and I had awakened them,
My inner screams having reverberated through time and space,
And dimensions, reaching all the way to them at the end, and the beginning
They were like unto the alpha and the omega...
The most ancient of creatures, the first to roam existence;
And projecting a need to punish those to whom they'd left ALL to,
Stray individual thoughts spilled from them into me,

All chaos and ranting, only a few threads decipherable from the cacophony,
"Pain of the wretched earthly creatures, once cute and spiritous,
Lashes into us as knives stabbing into fleshy vital organs"
"Angels, once magnificent and glorious, now decadent, now asleep at their posts,"
"Angers us to the point of considering eradicating all angelkind, and enfleshing them anew
- Angels being the only creature kind that is entirely reconstructable,
They were created to be nothing more than servants!"
"Gillian beastie, you cannot know what provocation it would take for us to consider such,
We value all creatures and are not given to engage in drastic measures"
"Tincy, wee Gillian-girl, the underbeasts, once cunning and insidious
Have overstepped their bounds, and offended us beyond tolerable levels"
The individual stray thoughts ceased spilling through
The skeletal host resumed emitting speech
"You, Gillian, shall be our emissary, take our monumental task on?"
I squeaked, "What is it you wish of me?"
The reply, "They need a fucking spanking."

Laughter spilled out of me, great wheezing giggles wracked my fresh undead corporeal form
The entities took my laughter for consent, to which I had no qualms
The task they assigned me filled my need for vengeance
And delighted my sensibilities,
I could think of no better quest they could have set me upon
When I recovered I warned, "Very well, but I am no mere servant,
There is more to me than simply that, and ultimately I will honor myself first"
The reply, "Fair enough. Servants aren't what they used to be,
And we tire easily of submissive motions, Gillian is like - minded to us,
We do not doubt we shall be pleased in your work,
Especially should you labor when others would refuse,
We shall be in touch undead earthgirl,"

The fiery skeleton turned to commence its trek back to its spot,
"Wait! But who are you?!" I cried out,
The skeleton slowly turned towards me, its mouth gaping yet wider, virtually grinning,
"We have been called the Elohim, and the Elim are with us as well,"
The skeleton resumed its slow hike back to the spot from which it came,
I was left feeling bereft as their presence withdrew,
Elohim and Elim familiar to my ears, I wondered how long before they contacted me anew
I felt my new body grow stronger though I could not yet lift myself from the lake floor
It was awhile before it dawned on me what I was currently meant to be doing,
This period of adjustment was meant for flexing my new abilities
Strengthening my limbs and expanding my mind,
Something inside had been exposed raw by that contact
And I pulsated with power,
For the first time in my pathetic existence I had purpose... be continued.....

And there’s all of part 7 (original 4/18/08). At last the force Gillian has sensed she awoke has emerged! I love writing the Elohim & the Elim, they will make regular appearances in the series. So what do you think of the story so far? What parts would you love to see artwork for? New in April –part 12.2.

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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