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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 5: Into the Lake

I watched the painfully sensual prince of darkness saunter through his gilded gateway
His casual last words slowly burning their way across my mind
Winding through the dark primal urges he had stirred within me
Lake of Fire ... my mind shifted swiftly into stark focus
I glanced around at the other six freshly slain victims:
The small boy,
Eyes wide in innocent, ignorant terror
The lovely redheaded girl,
On the verge of outright panic, her eyes rolling around like a mad cow
A plump little old lady in her nightgown,
Her spirit already broken, her eyes vacant
A shifty businessman fresh from the bars,
Brimming with mixed anger and fear, nostrils flared
A thin young woman,
Wringing her hands, crying, chewing her lower lip and expelling the occasional yelp
And a rebellious black metal fanatic,
Dazed and uncomfortable, as though his fantasies of the darkside
Had left him unprepared for this blazing gritty reality

We were to be thrown into the Lake of Fire
I felt like I was there already, rage searing my insides
Hatred crackling through my synapses
The force I previously felt awaken seemed nearer now;
The tall acid spitting demon flexed her wings
"Ahhhah my favorite past-time. Chucking the wretched Seven Slain into the lake."
Muscles the demon began wrenching us up off the ground,
Whacking the drunk businessman across the back and prodding the old woman
With a shepherd's staff she had picked up from a pile nearby,
The other demons followed suit, grabbing staffs and picking their sheep
The petite blonde demon choosing me
Running her claws through my hair, she whispered in my ear,
"I just knew Master Azrael would adore you my succulent rarebit,"

They herded us through the "scenic route"
Pointing out the finer bits of torment to be seen along the way,
From flesh flaying pits to chambers for dishing out more personalized nightmares,
Randomly they took to bashing the crap out of us with their staffs
All the while cracking jokes about the weakness of this batch
And idly gossiping about the inner deviant workings of Hell,
Their comfort adding to my unease and deepening sense of surreality
Fruitless thoughts of escape filtered through my consciousness
The breaking of a spirit was indicated intermittently throughout our trek
By vicious taunting and gloating, and the petite blonde's undulating victory wiggle and giggle
The path was rocky, steeply sloping downwards into a particularly fetid valley
And as we reached the base of the rough hewn road
The diminutive flaxen hellion at my side spoke up,
"We've arrived at the Lake of Fire and only her juiciness, Gillian remains whole.
This is our weakest lot thus far, most of them don't usually break 'til they witness the Lake."

The Medusa knock-off hissed her disappointment,
"I was looking forward to sssssseeing them crumble at the lake and beg for mercy.
I do ssssso love to sssssee them beg. I feel cheated," she pouted gruesomely
The fifth false angel, whom I barely noticed before now, murmured
"This one won't beg, I'd wager," she indicated me with her staff
We continued walking, the tall dominant fiend re-assured her subordinates
"Don't you girls worry, they'll liven up once we hit the lake,
Broken spirits or no their survival instincts should put on a show,"

At last we arrived at the infamous Lake of Fire
My compatriots, whom I would never get to know, began to rouse
Stench of burning flesh, high rising flames licking the edge of the lake, shrieking of the damned
The Lake more than lived up to its reputation, giving the impression of a living sentient beast
Yet stronger heat washed over me, fueling my hatred, fueling my will to wreak vengeance
The thin young woman was the first to go, the beefy Muscles hoisted her over her head
The woman mustering no more than a soft whimpering as she was launched into the lake
Fire surged up to meet her and she was quickly engulfed,
A plume of smoke puffed out in her wake
Next went the old woman, inadvertently pleasing the demons with her loud screechy begging
Her scream for mercy fading away as she soared through
The sulfurous air and into the flammage
Then the dubious businessman was plucked up, laughter rang out as the monsters realized
His spirit had not broken, he had merely been in a state of denial
"Only a dream. Not real. Never drinking again."
Muscles swung him around her head a few times
Clearly enjoying the way his volume increased as she did so
She lobbed him hard and as he hit the lake
They knew he would soon realize just how real this was

The copper haired beauty was screaming incoherently and had been for sometime
When Muscles came for her, and into the lake she went
The serpentine fiend came up behind me, wrapping her scaly arms around me
"Toss the boy next, Etriana, this one's pain will be mine,"
Muscles, er, Etriana malevolently grinned as she bore down
On the little boy who was crying uncontrollably
I struggled to free myself, some untapped maternal instinct driving me
The snakes in the serpent demon's hair simultaneously clamped down on my face from behind
The pain was intense beyond measure, amplified
By the serpentine bitch who held me, to increase her pleasure
Tears streamed down my face, the boy was gone
The reptile let go of me fast, I hit the ground hard
Helpless, I held myself, knowing they received pleasure in saving me for last

All save the blonde surrounded the metal head, grinning wide
Their tall acid spewing leader taunted him,
"So tapeworm, how does it feel to meet the demons you so identify with?
Is Hell living up to your dark expectations? Do you want your mommy?"
He stood tall, attempting bravery, "Eh, it's a little weak."
My blonde guard dog threw her head back and howled with laughter
Their leader whipped her head around to glare, "Shut up Miradra!"
She then moved closer to the rebel, she licked the side of his face
Her acidic saliva leaving a trail of melted smoking flesh
He flinched in fear, she did not relent
She stripped away his shirt and slowly licked circles into his chest
"Tell me now boy," she continued to lick him, "Do you want your mommy?"
She kept at it, digging her claws in as well, until he cracked and he screamed,
"Yes!! Yes!! I want my mommy!!!!"

She pushed him to the ground, "It's the demon wannabes that are my favorite. So tasty."
She took several steps away, licking his blood off of her claws
Etriana yanked him up, crying shell of a man that he was now
And unceremoniously hurled him into the flames
Dark Prince Azrael's face swam before my eyes when I closed them,
Bracing myself for my wild flight into the blaze
I heard the plain demon quip, "This bitch is napping!"
Opening my eyes, I gave them a mad half grin, “Bring it on," my expression said
I could hear Azrael's challenge echoing in my mind,
"You might be interesting little girl,
That is if you can come through all that which approaches intact..."

Their leader came up to me, backhanding me, hard, "Insolent maggot,"
Miradra moved closer to me, kissing me on the lips,
"Hope to see you again, and soon my luscious princess,"
She whispered huskily in my ear,
She pulled away to reveal a glaring acid spitter, I wondered briefly if they were involved
Their cranky leader grabbed me roughly and tossed me at the brawny Etriana, "Get rid of her,"
Etriana obeyed instantly
She lifted me high and catapulted me towards the lake
I did not scream, I did not beg, and I did not cry out for my mommy
What I did do was flip them off,
I also winked and blew them a kiss with my free hand be continued.....
Well that was part 5 in it’s entirety (originally from 10/4/2007). Really hope you are enjoying this so far. It was by this point the story really started to occupy some prime real-estate in my imagination and I began to realize I’d have to do tons for this series.
What do you think of Decadent Angels so far? Do you have a favorite false angel (there are five, and each will appear later in the series)? What did you think of the prince Azrael?

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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