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Friday, February 26, 2010

Decadent Angels, Part 4: Descent

The cage door had opened into that hideously bright light and the cage began to tip
The seven of us freshly slain were unceremoniously dumped into that radiance
A small scream escaping the lips of the smallest boy with us
He could not have been more than six
We fell fast and hard landing in a soft squishy white substance
Looking around this vast misty place I spied to the left a dark passage
Quickly I squeezed my eyes shut and rolled so I could not see that foreboding place
The others shivered on the ground
We were soaking wet, I wondered if this were our final destination
Or if there was some deeper hell in store for us
I began to crawl towards the right I could see forms beginning to take shape
The other six followed mindlessly behind me,
Somehow I must have seemed the strong one,
The shapes became clear, a jewel encrusted gateway,
An angel all in white at a podium next to the gate, he must be St. Peter I thought
He had an open book before him, and a line of people stretching towards us
A few of my companions held their jaws agape
I allowed myself a moment to imagine going up to St. Peter
I knew he would clear his throat and boom "Ah, Gillian Neales, for the crime of
Wasting your life, you have been condemned to Hell. Good-bye."

I then imagined a swirling vortex opening and
Swallowing me whole in a flash of pyrotechnics
I shook my head to erase the image
And observed hope alighting in the eyes of the younger set
Were they mad? How could they have any doubts of who our killers truly were?
The small boy from before rose and began walking towards the line
His arms outstretched, his eyes sort of vacant, some of the rest began to do the same
I turned, an electrical snapping sound near by caught my attention

All five false angels had entered with a flash of fire and hail
They stood there wriggling and extending their limbs every which way
Their wings fluttering and crackling as the angelic fiends reverted to their natural state
Grotesque leathery wings flexing, feathers dropping in a pile around them,
Red gnarly horns rising from the top of their heads, claws and limbs elongating
Their eyes losing all normalcy as their pupils morphed into slits,
Irises turning freakish shades of glowing red, eyelids pulling back and darkening
The one who had sprouted snakes in her hair lunged forward to catch the small boy
She threw him over my head to the waiting arms of the overly muscular monster
The snakes in her hair whipped around nipping at the others with vicious fangs
It was enough to subdue them
The hope drained out of their eyes to be replaced with horror
The tallest of the demons wandered through the captured
Hurling insults and taunts, and even a bit of acidic spit
The red headed teenage girl cried out as the spittle hit her and half of her face melted off
But her face grew back after some moments of agony
The tall fiend grinned, pleased with herself and addressed us seven
"None of you will even have the chance to face judgment! You are spoils of war!
And it is to Hell you are bound, where you shall be naught but playthings for our Master!"

The other six cowered, holding onto each other tight, I however was unimpressed
I glared at her with one raised eyebrow, my arms crossed, my stance defiant
Her head reared back and she let out a fierce cackle
The petite blonde demon moved towards me in a sort of slow undulating manner
Her claws caressed the side of my face and she smiled
"Sweet juicy Gillian. You are a rare treat! Perhaps the Master shall
See fit to make you one of us. You'd like that, I know the monsters lurking in your heart."
I wish I could say that I was repulsed by the notion
But deep inside I felt a yearning to wreak bloody damage all over the place
To become beautiful, powerful and decadent
The serpentine demon hissed "It is time!"
She began herding us towards that dreaded dark passage,
Her beastly companions following suit, we were roughly pushed into a dark cave
Down a steep footpath we were marched, the small boy stumbled
The tall acidic one pulled her arm back to strike him but I rushed forward to shield him
The blow knocked me to the ground painfully
I quickly jumped up and scooped the boy into my arms before she could strike again
I carried him for what must have been miles before the snake lady called us to a halt
The demon woman who had sprouted steroid induced looking muscles
Grabbed the red head and raised her above her head
And pitched her head first into a sinisterly glowing pit
The humans cried out in protest, and I clutched the boy closer to my chest

One by one my dead companions were dragged struggling to the pit and chucked in
Until only the boy and I were left, they wrenched him from my arms
I threw myself at Muscles, clawing, kicking, scratching, biting and hitting
It did no good, tears streamed down my face
As she kicked me a good 20 feet and hurled that boy in,
Making sure he hit the side of the abyss on the way down
Finally it was down to me, they converged on me as one and shoved me into the pit
It was a long fall, I could feel the temperature rising
Large swarms of insects attacked me, feasting on my flesh
Then they would burst into flame and evaporate and a new swarm would take their place
The pit began to narrow and as I passed through what must be the end of the tunnel
All the air vanished here, replaced with a warm burning red liquid
I swallowed gulps of the metallic blood before I could close my mouth
I hit a film at the bottom and disgustingly passed through it to
Plop onto a blazing hot stone floor

I jumped up, frantically searching for my dead compatriots,
They were in a bloody puddle an arm's length away
The demon women landed softly around us and the petite blonde gave a whistle
A tiny bat looking creature swooped down
Circling us twice before shooting through a gilded doorway
We were left waiting for an indeterminate amount of time
The bat demon came back through and hissed loudly, "The Prince of Darkness arrives"
Just behind him came the most beautiful looking man I ever saw
He wore black velvets and satins, an ebony cloak set gracefully around his shoulders
A blood ruby ring on his finger and a simple gold circlet around his head
He walked around us, inspecting the goods in an off handed manner
Rage welled up inside me as I realized that he didn't even care that we were there
We were not necessary, we had been murdered for no reason save his amusement
And he wasn't even bothered to be amused

He sent a piercing look directly at me as if he sensed my rage
I met his gaze and molten waves of desire washed over me
He smiled briefly, almost imperceptibly
I heard his silky voice snaking through my mind
"You might be interesting little girl,
That is if you can come through all that which approaches intact..."
Those words a challenge, accompanied by all manner of jumbled erotic whisperings
He suddenly broke away, he turned abruptly exiting
Throwing his parting words cavalierly over his shoulder
"Toss them into the Lake of Fire, with the others." be continued...
That's part 4 in it's entirety [original from July 10, 2007].

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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