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Friday, February 12, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 3: In a Pathetic Flash

The demonic witching hour came to a close and the false angels
Had completed their standard cruel mission with reckless bloody abandon
My freshly released soul was wrenched upward to a holding cell
Which I'd failed to notice previously
Contained within - six other miserable souls
Also this night brutally slain by these falsely haloed beasts,
They huddled together so tight that when I was added to their number
I was left coldly to the side to shiver in the sudden burst of frigid air
A tunnel oft traversed by the freshly dead blew open beside us
Blinding bright white light burned through my retina into the back of my mind
And pulled forth in a wild sort of montage of my life,
Uneventful and pathetic as it had been,
I saw my overly detailed birth (could have gone without that memory in the mix),
My mother and father raising me yet barely knowing me at all,
My bratty little brother coming along when I was four and screaming for days,
He always was a whiner, and he lived to pester me,
I saw me pushing him away,
Not bothering to know him the way my parents didn't bother to with me,
Then he was gone from our lives, hit by a car when I was sixteen
My bleak period of isolated morning that lasted through the rest of high school flashed by,
Then my vague attempt to get my life together,
Applying to schools then not being able to afford to go,
Working at a local supermarket these last three years,
And spending countless wasted hours watching TV in alone in my tiny apartment,
Then my poor excuse of a life ceased flashing with my violent death,
Offhandedly I wondered if any of the others in this cage
Had lived such fruitless pointless lives
I was then filled with bitter regret
In my mind I began to scream at the injustice and with an unquenchable rage
I wanted another shot, I wanted revenge and I wanted to stop these
Hellspawn harpies from taking away any others the way they'd taken me
As my innards screamed out I felt something distant and powerful awaken
But before I had time to figure out anything more than that
The cage door opened out into the scathingly bright light be continued...

Well that's part 3 in it's entirety. (Originally from May 29, 2007)

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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