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Not Intended For Children. May contain Mature content, reader discretion advised. Continuing to read beyond this point constitutes agreement that you are perfectly fine with reading mature content and are mature enough to read it.

Decadent Angels is under my copyright, all rights reserved, contact me for licensing info.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance

..the flesh of the dead, fresh...
That thought,
Chilling me to my core
Echoing through my tenuous grip on consciousness
Eliciting bile to rise from the dregs of my hollow empty stomach
I began to dry heave,
Though as tremble-y as I'd been up to this point
I doubt any of those present noticed the difference
Sick dread throbbing and growing, I began to feel desperate
Violent thoughts and images filled my mind,
Urges to commit the foulest of atrocities
Darkened visions of cleaving all in my path into bloody puddles of carnage,
My perma-rage brewing just below the surface of my pale skin,
The diaphanous blue tint sparking like static electricity,
Fury simmering, swirling, rising,
Forming slick beaded rivulets of sweat,
All clinging to my fevered skin
Like the cold dead fingers of the newly deceased men I would soon have to eat

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arc 12

With Arc 12 Decadent Angels moves fully into a different approach to breaking down story segments. Most episodes from this point forward are to be set into arcs with each arc likely having more than one section or episode. I realize that may be confusing or sound like mere semantics, however it allows me more room to flesh out scenes of the series, to address important things that might otherwise be skipped if I continued doing the series as the first many parts had been done.

Arc 12- The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh
The title is taken from the last line in episode 11.

I wrote out a basic plot for 12, then sectioned it off into … sections. The plot for 12 was done in November 2008, very quickly. Then that December

Monday, May 17, 2010

11- Enter the Witch - Decadent Angels

My eyes sealed shut, I inexorably came to,
Hunger burning through my system
Like a gasoline tanker in a 15 car pile up,
The poison echoing through my nerve endings,
An unnerving, fully weakened, bloated, floating, spine-tingling sensation;

Azrael had summoned a witch, "a wild card" he'd said,
That did not bode well at all,
My salvation in a gambling toss of the dice,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Preview, Brief: 11 – Enter the Witch

With the unexpected April delays, the posting of Decadent Angels parts 11- 12.2 got pushed back. 11 will be up very soon, but I thought I’d like to give a little taste of what’s to come in it. Also I hope to put little previews like this up with each installment of the series, including an update. Extra features and supplementary content is expected to fill out most months a bit more evenly from now on. Episodes 1- 12.1 are re-posts, so with 12.2 I expect to go a little more monthly with the episode releases, or roughly about every 5 weeks. My schedule and plans do not allow for it to be more frequent. Art is also expected to begin coming out for DA this year.

As Gillian's hunger approaches a dangerous threshold, Azrael summons a witch to diagnose her species of undead & to seek an antidote to the poison that's apparently also tweaking her system hard. So enters the beauteous witch Astromena (who will play a significant role in the series), is it just me or is she not playing with a full deck?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A brief Preview of upcoming titles


Upcoming pre-hiatus episodes are:

  • 11 – Enter the Witch
  • 12.1 (see below)

Part 12 is a five part arc called The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh. And the sections are as follows:

  • 12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance
  • 12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip
  • 12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion
  • 12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading
  • 12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

    11 – Enter the Witch

    A new character, the witch Astromena enters the series. She will be a regular.

    12 The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh

    I’ll reveal more about arc 12 after 11 posts. Gillian’s condition becomes critical, and the thing that she needs to avoid crossing a dark threshold may arrive too late. She is pulled on an unexpected excursion that reveals some interesting developments.

    12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance

    The prognosis grim, Gillian slips closer to a dark threshold.

    12. 2 – Akashic Daytrip

    Pulled away from Lake Pit 12, Gillian learns more than she expected to about the Akashic Realm, discovering the Akashic Records are more than real.

    12. 3 – Dreamscape Excursion

    Just like what the title sounds like it would be about. A bit more detail later.

    12. 4 – The Siren Oracle’s Reading

    Gillian gets read by a siren Oracle half breed, who will be a recurring character.

    12. 5 – Undead Muncherie

    The time has come for Gillian to feed. How bad could it be?

    And there you have what’s coming. I would have liked to say a bit more but could not see a good way to to do that before episode 11. Ah but that will come soon enough. Which part do you look forward to most? Do you have any questions about the series?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10. 2 Lake Pit 12 continued. Decadent Angels

"Gillian, what is this to you?"
At a loss, I remained silent,

"Is it just a game? It started out that way,
Back when Miradra and the others presented you to me so long ago,"
He paused, closing his eyes and tilting his head slightly,
I'd never seen him like this,
"It no longer feels like a game, it feels like something else,
I can't put my finger on what though, all my life I've had nothing else,
Just evil, commanding, and games..."
There was a dismal anguish on his face,
"I shouldn't be telling you this, you've already too much power...
But Gillian, I'm lost. I do a lot of reading, looking for an answer,
It doesn't help me figure this out though,
I feel as though I'm losing my mind..."
He turned away, arms folded,

Decadent Angels hiatus nears an end, 12. 2 expected to post end of April

Almost finished posting the backlog of Decadent Angels episodes. The 1st new episode written since I unfortunately had to put it into hiatus in 2009, should be posting at the end of April [see Update below]. I had not wanted the hiatus to be this long but 2009 was rife with unexpected doody. Yes I said doody! Eh, what can I say it was a rough year.
Episode 10.1 clocks in at 2,460 words. Originally episodes 10.1 & 10.2 were one part until the mediocre blogging thing over on myspace (was posting in Drenched in Eternity at the time) glitched when I noticed a typo and went in to fix it. Inexplicably altering the formatting in a way I could not undo I was forced to break it it into two parts. So I looked for a natural place to split it . This occurred after I finished and posted episode 11 in there. Naturally jacking up the blogroll order, grumble, grumble. It was then that it dawned on me the episode length was becoming large enough to warrant arcs.

Somewhere around this time the lack of any background work on this spontaneous project was beginning to take a toll on me. I had to take a couple months to catch up. After part 11 posted it took awhile to plot out arc 12. I was also becoming very frustrated with the limitations myspace blog app. Though, it was better than the blog app in the now defunct Yahoo 360, the 1st home for Decadent Angels.

Part 12 is a five part arc called The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh.
The entire The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh arc was plotted prior to that hiatus. After doing part 12 as a 5 part arc many future Decadent Angels releases will be done as multiple part arcs and the number preceding the dot I’ve begun calling it’s arc number (i.e.- the 12 in 12.1 would be the arc number).
As I was to begin drafting 12.2 certain aspects of my future were very up in the air(February 2009). Aspects that were very relevant to the whole me writing regularly thing.

I do have some rough ideas of what will go into part/arc 13, it is not yet plotted out in any detail.

10. 2 Lake Pit 12, continued should be posting later today.

[UPDATE- 5/5/10- Admittedly, end of April posting date for 12. 2 was overly optimistic, a slew of unexpected disruptions filled April.  Parts 11 and 12. 1 as well as special features will go up through May and 12.2 will post either at the end of May or beginning of June, assuming my plan for conquering May goes properly.]

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How are you feeling about the format?

How do you like Decadent Angels so far? How are you liking the poetry format?

It allows me to turn the phrases a bit more poetically than would be accepted in prose form.

I do find the 1st person view limiting in so far as the other characters are concerned, so naturally I have plans to at some point release additional material focusing on other characters. If enough people ask I will adapt the series into prose form. How many is enough? A lot.

I know that many find poetry off-putting. Horror poetry is not done by many, it’s an often ignored option when one starts a poem. So much so that awhile back I had someone tell me they thought I’d invented the genre. While as flattering as that was, I’m certain that it does pre-date my birth (Edgar Allan Poe anyone?). At least in this life anyhow. Though I did write my 1st horror poem in 1995, two years after I wrote my 1st poem. No clue when it was invented though.

Even more rare is the horror poetry that tells a story in serial form. So maybe I do get to trail blaze after all.
Not only that I find fictional prose difficult to pay attention to online. Naturally, I might feel different if I had an e-reader. I so dearly want to have at least one ongoing story online. Clearly I’m not counting comics, different format entirely. Though I will at my earliest opportunity begin doing illustrations for the series. Also at some point I’d like to do comic books based on the this story poem series.

So what are your thoughts on the format?
What other formats would you like to see it in someday?
Do you find fictional prose difficult to sit still for online?
How do you like e-books in comparison to in print?

I like printed books better myself, for many things, not all but many. I do not enjoy having to boot up a device to dive into a book. I like jumping right in to it, and I find books less cumbersome than devices, easier on my eyes, and easier to see in the daylight. But what do I know I don’t even have an e-reading device…

Saturday, March 27, 2010

10.1 Decadent Angels - Lake Pit 12

Ephemeral strawberry scented vapors churned around me in contented solid caressing motions
Some kind of hard-core goth metal electronica played from an unknown source,
Pulsating through my veins,
I was in a field lit up by moonlight on a burgundy velvet brocade picnic blanket
A glorious feast spread out before me upon golden platters
With golden jewel encrusted goblets and ornate aureate cutlery
Glinting fiercely in the moonlight
Beside me sat Azrael looking decadently resplendent in black and purple velvet
I'd a taste for royalty by now, my own corseted dress of scarlet velvet and crimson satin
We casually licked snow cones,
As Azrael absently stroked the iridescent hide of a massive lizard
I smiled seductively at him,
And a drip of water began thumping on my nose, softly at first then more persistently
I looked heavenward for the source of the water
The sky swirled in increasingly dark and red tones and a hand comprised of flame
Plunged down to pluck me from my little slice of paradise,
As the blazing fingers wrapped around me in a deathgrip I began to scream

Monday, March 22, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 9: Trojan Kitty

Only the Elohim would consider getting the shit kicked out of you by the Elim a gift
Yeah, Trojan horse maybe,
I slipped into a battle ready stance, my brand new sword held out, trying not to soil myself
Gazing out at the legion of Elim encased in fiery skeletons bearing outrageous weaponry
They were arsenaled to the hilt, I wondered where they acquired such a vast stock of weapons
They moved towards me in methodical expert precision
In my minds eye I saw the Elim for the warrior race they were
Stomping those who would have once competed for their station of god-hood into the ground
Thrashing a bloody path through the early ages
Impressing the Elohim to the point of elevating them to lower level deity-hood
Things moved in slow motion as I knew without a doubt that though I had come far
I was not ready for this, I was no match for even a handful of them
Might as well have "novice" stamped on my forehead
I noted in my peripheral vision
The non-prisoner hell beasts the Lake of Fire was laced with
Scurried out of the way in panicky fervor
I expect several skittered off to nark on us and our unprecedented burst of activity

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 8: Training Montage

How long after the Elohim left I remained pulsing on the Lake floor, I do not know,
A strange hunger began to form in me,
A sensation that had not been there in so long it felt utterly foreign,
But hunger was the least of my problems just then
I had a mission to give the worlds a spanking
And my newly undead corpse was atrophied worse than that chick from Kill Bill
No simple wiggle your toe crap would be effective here
Even despite that, power swelled up in me searching for an outlet,
Funny how someone can feel such heady massive power
And yet so desperately weak simultaneously
I vowed to myself to never forget this freakishly humbling feeling
To never take my newfound power and purpose for granted

The power pulsating through my body, and the sounds of the dead and fire all around me

Friday, March 12, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 7 : Enter the Elohim

The light that accompanied them, so familiar, lends to a theory that genuine angels had just
Miserably failed to rescue me from this eternally consuming liquid flame cell
A flicker of rage at their insulting tones and insinuations flared
And surged powerfully at their disgustingly accurate assessment of
Who I had been, a weak imitation of someone worth saving,
But I have become a brand new girl,
Countless decades spent melting amidst the damned in this infamous Lake of Fire
Affected unforeseen wild changes in me;
My body, transfiguring, adapting, solidifying; and I became fire proof
That once searing delirious pain - gone without trace
My rage, once fierce and shimmering off of me in echoing waves,
Dulled down to little more than a dull ache,
My persona vastly rewritten, in the wake of regret,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 6: With My Head on Fire

My wild flight through the air, into the lake went by as if in slow motion
The sulfurous air and stench of burning flesh filling my nostrils, the heat hitting me in waves
Flames curling up my arm, searing my flesh, as I whizzed out towards the center of the lake
The screaming of the damned, a deafening, sickening roar
My insides roiling, nausea rising, bile rushing up the back of my throat
I put on a projectile vomit spectacle that I sincerely hoped the decadent angels had not seen
I wanted me flipping the bird to be the image that stuck with them,
Not the aftermath of too much sulphur, BBQ human scent, heat and flight

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 5: Into the Lake

I watched the painfully sensual prince of darkness saunter through his gilded gateway
His casual last words slowly burning their way across my mind
Winding through the dark primal urges he had stirred within me
Lake of Fire ... my mind shifted swiftly into stark focus
I glanced around at the other six freshly slain victims:
The small boy,
Eyes wide in innocent, ignorant terror
The lovely redheaded girl,
On the verge of outright panic, her eyes rolling around like a mad cow
A plump little old lady in her nightgown,
Her spirit already broken, her eyes vacant
A shifty businessman fresh from the bars,
Brimming with mixed anger and fear, nostrils flared
A thin young woman,
Wringing her hands, crying, chewing her lower lip and expelling the occasional yelp
And a rebellious black metal fanatic,
Dazed and uncomfortable, as though his fantasies of the darkside
Had left him unprepared for this blazing gritty reality

Friday, February 26, 2010

Decadent Angels, Part 4: Descent

The cage door had opened into that hideously bright light and the cage began to tip
The seven of us freshly slain were unceremoniously dumped into that radiance
A small scream escaping the lips of the smallest boy with us
He could not have been more than six
We fell fast and hard landing in a soft squishy white substance
Looking around this vast misty place I spied to the left a dark passage
Quickly I squeezed my eyes shut and rolled so I could not see that foreboding place
The others shivered on the ground
We were soaking wet, I wondered if this were our final destination
Or if there was some deeper hell in store for us
I began to crawl towards the right I could see forms beginning to take shape
The other six followed mindlessly behind me,
Somehow I must have seemed the strong one,
The shapes became clear, a jewel encrusted gateway,
An angel all in white at a podium next to the gate, he must be St. Peter I thought
He had an open book before him, and a line of people stretching towards us
A few of my companions held their jaws agape
I allowed myself a moment to imagine going up to St. Peter
I knew he would clear his throat and boom "Ah, Gillian Neales, for the crime of
Wasting your life, you have been condemned to Hell. Good-bye."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 3: In a Pathetic Flash

The demonic witching hour came to a close and the false angels
Had completed their standard cruel mission with reckless bloody abandon
My freshly released soul was wrenched upward to a holding cell
Which I'd failed to notice previously
Contained within - six other miserable souls
Also this night brutally slain by these falsely haloed beasts,
They huddled together so tight that when I was added to their number
I was left coldly to the side to shiver in the sudden burst of frigid air
A tunnel oft traversed by the freshly dead blew open beside us
Blinding bright white light burned through my retina into the back of my mind
And pulled forth in a wild sort of montage of my life,
Uneventful and pathetic as it had been,
I saw my overly detailed birth (could have gone without that memory in the mix),
My mother and father raising me yet barely knowing me at all,
My bratty little brother coming along when I was four and screaming for days,
He always was a whiner, and he lived to pester me,
I saw me pushing him away,
Not bothering to know him the way my parents didn't bother to with me,
Then he was gone from our lives, hit by a car when I was sixteen
My bleak period of isolated morning that lasted through the rest of high school flashed by,
Then my vague attempt to get my life together,
Applying to schools then not being able to afford to go,
Working at a local supermarket these last three years,
And spending countless wasted hours watching TV in alone in my tiny apartment,
Then my poor excuse of a life ceased flashing with my violent death,
Offhandedly I wondered if any of the others in this cage
Had lived such fruitless pointless lives
I was then filled with bitter regret
In my mind I began to scream at the injustice and with an unquenchable rage
I wanted another shot, I wanted revenge and I wanted to stop these
Hellspawn harpies from taking away any others the way they'd taken me
As my innards screamed out I felt something distant and powerful awaken
But before I had time to figure out anything more than that
The cage door opened out into the scathingly bright light be continued...

Well that's part 3 in it's entirety. (Originally from May 29, 2007)

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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Up Next - 4: Descent

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 2: True Visage

Fear of death had long been my companion but
Somehow these decadent angels made it sound more appealing
And yet a cold grip of unease snaked up my spine
Virtue is their well planned guise
Hard to see through yet I knew something was so very wrong
Running so hard acid burning through my lungs and veins
Intuition screaming for me to flee
The petite blonde angel calling my name in the most luscious way
"Do not run little girl. Everyone should be so lucky as you to have us come"
"These are things they pray for yet we offer them unto you sweet juicy child"
I streaked through the neighbor's yard, in the dead of three a.m.
Flying above they keened on cruelly taunting me for my frail human form
Tempting me with secret desires and unnamed longings
They could not be as they seemed, few things are
I slipped in a wet patch of mud and tumbled into a bush
So close to jumping the fence I'd been,
Trilling a cry of miserable victory -
As one they converged on my twitching form
Slowly they plucked away my life in insane torture
Their gleaming claws red with my freshly spent blood
Surely oblivion would wash over me and blot out what was to come next
I was not so lucky, and angels these were not
But instead wretched demons out to play during the demonic witching hour
Seven souls they were dispatched to drag into the fiery pits of Hell this night
And every night before and if they have their wicked way every night yet to come,
Tonight I was number seven be continued...

That's part 2 in it's entirety [originally from May 05, 2007].

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Decadent Angels - Part 1: Lure & Pursue

                 Next |

Decadent angels wander my way
Determined I run far away
In abhorrent pursuit these angels reveal sick hidden darkness
Part of me wants to enter that domain
Beyond reproach Beyond sanity Beyond into a cold here after
Calling out to me these lovely celestial vixens cry for me to fly away with them
Destruction Havoc Chaos sublime they make promises but I am hard to find
"Join us tonight and dine in the presence of the divine"
"Hallow out your soul and burst up into the sky because tonight is the night you die"

... to be continued...

That's part 1 in it's entirety [re-post from March 24, 2007 originally on one of my old blogs]. The series installments (or episodes) gradually increased in size. Decadent Angels now has it's own home right here on

~ Christina Nabity
Decadent Angels is under my copyright. Contact me for licensing info.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Is Decadent Angels?

Decadent Angels is a fictional series I am writing.  It is under my copyright.

The basic premise

It is the story of Gillian Neales, who after a seemingly wasted 22 years on Earth, is slaughtered in a routine slaying by 5 demons posing as angels who take 7 "innocents" as tribute to the Dark Prince of Hell, Azrael. He casually sentences them to eternity in the Lake of Fire. A force awakened by Gillian's sheer unadulterated rage has other plans for Gillian's afterlife however. Hope her couch potato skillset comes in handy.

Intended audience, Format, & Genre
  • The series is not intended for children and may contain mature content due to the following [contains some explicit language, some violence and horror imagery, some sexual themes, as well as possibly controversial themes, be advised]. Also, I say you are responsible for what you and your children read online or anywhere else.
  • Current Format - ongoing fictional story-poem in the first person, posting when I can. The story goes far deeper than the current format allows...
  • Potential Formats – comic book versions, novelization (in prose form), cartoon, video game, and/or more. I may work my way into each of these some day for the series, I keep things like that in mind every time I work on a project. There will be merchandise available for the series, probably starting later this year.
  • Genres - Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, some Humor, some Romance (most fiction usually does), eventually some Cyberpunk (once Gillian makes it Earthside again)

History of the writing process

     Decadent Angels started off as a creative writing exercise on one of my Yahoo 360 pages. When I was in high school I took a creative writing class, and one of our assignments was to write a story poem, I'd always intended to play with that again someday. So I was wracking my brain for an idea for a regular feature for that blog, remembering the concept of a story poem I decided to try my hand at a serial story poem.
I mostly was simply curious to see if I could do it. This was the first series I jumped right into without doing any preliminary background work. I did not know if the storyline would take hold in my mind or not, but it did. By the time I reached the 7th or 8th installment in the series, the lack of any background material and printer ink was beginning to catch up with me, so I began working on that which had slowed my progress some. However a nice bonus to starting the background work was I started to also figure out where I was going with the story.
     The 1st installment titled Lure & Pursue was written very quickly and posted to one of my Yahoo 360 blogs instantly on March, 24, 2007. It’s the shortest of them all, and a bit of an intro to the style. Naturally it has evolved and grown over time. In the early days of the series I was writing them directly in the blog posting window, then in pasting into Notepad and then hand copying them to a notebook before posting all the way through part 8, as part of the editing process. Don’t ask me why I did it that way, I’m bipolar and these things happen.
     At the end of 2007, Yahoo made an announcement in the 360 blog that major changes were going down during 2008. It sounded as though the 360 could disappear at any moment, Decadent Angels went on hiatus while I decided where to move it too. Good thing I had the foresight to not get too attached to that blog host, because Yahoo 360 officially shut down in July 2009. In March 2008, I re-posted parts 1-6 in my myspace blog, which I chose because I log into myspace fairly often. Then two weeks later part 7 went up. I had been posting it there until January 2009, when my personal life forced it into hiatus.
     Things went alright, people continued to read it, and it did better there than on yahoo, but the blog function was not ideally suited to this type of blog and the blog writing tool on my desktop does not work with it, also all that I do on myspace distracts me from posting the series, so I think it best to give it it’s own space. I tried taking it monthly but there was much interference from my personal life, so it has yet to make it to that frequency. Besides it’s not my only project. With part 12, I began splitting the installments up into sections, so that I would not have to leave story bits out, and to accommodate the entry size. I don’t know if Blogger has a character limit, so I will find out, if I split them into smaller chunks that’ll be why.
     Decadent Angels installments have grown larger over time, but I don’t want that to discourage people from reading it, I know blogs are typically shorter than it tends to be, but this is a huge ongoing story, and not the kind of thing one would normally find in a blog to begin with, and to shorten it further would cheat the readers, and myself. If you think I’m writing a novel it’s because I am. The last installment written with myspace as it’s host was in January 2009, part 12 section 1.
     My productivity is increasing and I made a lot of organizational progress in the past year. Now with the capacity to devote this blog entirely to all things Decadent Angels, installments of the story should come out at a more stable rate, especially now that I have my own website. Lead-ins will remain in my blog at myspace and future installment lead-ins will also be put there as a courtesy to those who read it there.
     Decadent Angels should come out of hiatus in early 2010.


     One of the things I’m intending to do now that Decadent Angels is coming here is to post additional supplementary content. Things like background features, history from within the Decadent Angels universe, explanations, character profiles, art and much more. If I have something to put up in addition to the story it will go in here, including merchandise release announcements, and faux interviews with the characters, and even little features on what is going on outside of Gillian’s knowledge. Eventually much of these things will also be available in print form for those who want such tangible outside of the computer things.
Well that’s all for now, I hope you enjoy this experiment.
~ Christina Nabity (a.k.a. - Aurey Sorrow)

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