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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Is Decadent Angels?

Decadent Angels is a fictional series I am writing.  It is under my copyright.

The basic premise

It is the story of Gillian Neales, who after a seemingly wasted 22 years on Earth, is slaughtered in a routine slaying by 5 demons posing as angels who take 7 "innocents" as tribute to the Dark Prince of Hell, Azrael. He casually sentences them to eternity in the Lake of Fire. A force awakened by Gillian's sheer unadulterated rage has other plans for Gillian's afterlife however. Hope her couch potato skillset comes in handy.

Intended audience, Format, & Genre
  • The series is not intended for children and may contain mature content due to the following [contains some explicit language, some violence and horror imagery, some sexual themes, as well as possibly controversial themes, be advised]. Also, I say you are responsible for what you and your children read online or anywhere else.
  • Current Format - ongoing fictional story-poem in the first person, posting when I can. The story goes far deeper than the current format allows...
  • Potential Formats – comic book versions, novelization (in prose form), cartoon, video game, and/or more. I may work my way into each of these some day for the series, I keep things like that in mind every time I work on a project. There will be merchandise available for the series, probably starting later this year.
  • Genres - Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, some Humor, some Romance (most fiction usually does), eventually some Cyberpunk (once Gillian makes it Earthside again)

History of the writing process

     Decadent Angels started off as a creative writing exercise on one of my Yahoo 360 pages. When I was in high school I took a creative writing class, and one of our assignments was to write a story poem, I'd always intended to play with that again someday. So I was wracking my brain for an idea for a regular feature for that blog, remembering the concept of a story poem I decided to try my hand at a serial story poem.
I mostly was simply curious to see if I could do it. This was the first series I jumped right into without doing any preliminary background work. I did not know if the storyline would take hold in my mind or not, but it did. By the time I reached the 7th or 8th installment in the series, the lack of any background material and printer ink was beginning to catch up with me, so I began working on that which had slowed my progress some. However a nice bonus to starting the background work was I started to also figure out where I was going with the story.
     The 1st installment titled Lure & Pursue was written very quickly and posted to one of my Yahoo 360 blogs instantly on March, 24, 2007. It’s the shortest of them all, and a bit of an intro to the style. Naturally it has evolved and grown over time. In the early days of the series I was writing them directly in the blog posting window, then in pasting into Notepad and then hand copying them to a notebook before posting all the way through part 8, as part of the editing process. Don’t ask me why I did it that way, I’m bipolar and these things happen.
     At the end of 2007, Yahoo made an announcement in the 360 blog that major changes were going down during 2008. It sounded as though the 360 could disappear at any moment, Decadent Angels went on hiatus while I decided where to move it too. Good thing I had the foresight to not get too attached to that blog host, because Yahoo 360 officially shut down in July 2009. In March 2008, I re-posted parts 1-6 in my myspace blog, which I chose because I log into myspace fairly often. Then two weeks later part 7 went up. I had been posting it there until January 2009, when my personal life forced it into hiatus.
     Things went alright, people continued to read it, and it did better there than on yahoo, but the blog function was not ideally suited to this type of blog and the blog writing tool on my desktop does not work with it, also all that I do on myspace distracts me from posting the series, so I think it best to give it it’s own space. I tried taking it monthly but there was much interference from my personal life, so it has yet to make it to that frequency. Besides it’s not my only project. With part 12, I began splitting the installments up into sections, so that I would not have to leave story bits out, and to accommodate the entry size. I don’t know if Blogger has a character limit, so I will find out, if I split them into smaller chunks that’ll be why.
     Decadent Angels installments have grown larger over time, but I don’t want that to discourage people from reading it, I know blogs are typically shorter than it tends to be, but this is a huge ongoing story, and not the kind of thing one would normally find in a blog to begin with, and to shorten it further would cheat the readers, and myself. If you think I’m writing a novel it’s because I am. The last installment written with myspace as it’s host was in January 2009, part 12 section 1.
     My productivity is increasing and I made a lot of organizational progress in the past year. Now with the capacity to devote this blog entirely to all things Decadent Angels, installments of the story should come out at a more stable rate, especially now that I have my own website. Lead-ins will remain in my blog at myspace and future installment lead-ins will also be put there as a courtesy to those who read it there.
     Decadent Angels should come out of hiatus in early 2010.


     One of the things I’m intending to do now that Decadent Angels is coming here is to post additional supplementary content. Things like background features, history from within the Decadent Angels universe, explanations, character profiles, art and much more. If I have something to put up in addition to the story it will go in here, including merchandise release announcements, and faux interviews with the characters, and even little features on what is going on outside of Gillian’s knowledge. Eventually much of these things will also be available in print form for those who want such tangible outside of the computer things.
Well that’s all for now, I hope you enjoy this experiment.
~ Christina Nabity (a.k.a. - Aurey Sorrow)

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