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Monday, October 20, 2014

October 2014 General Status Report

The hiatus for Decadent Angels was never meant to be this long. Sorry about that. My life stuff that slowed it down would not have caused the hiatus to be this long if I were not struggling with certain formatting issues for the series as well as the fact that I didn't realize how badly I needed proper reference sheets for the series until I was several parts deep. Heck it wasn't until today, that I realized this series needs more than just the reference sheets I have been developing in the background, it needs a full on "series bible" which I realized when I asked myself, yet again, what is holding me back for releasing new episodes.
Decadent Angels is done in a very experimental style & format. So that has absolutely caused unique challenges that in some ways do not often come in the development process. For example, there are going to be some illustrations done for each existing part, and subsequent part. However since when I was writing & releasing the first several parts it was just a writing warm up and exercise, I didn't know it was going to spawn a universe in my mind.
Last time I updated the behind the scenes content, I thought the solution to the formatting issues would be to simply retire the old format. Gradually though, I realized that the "old format" actually is intensely intrinsic to Gillian's character and style. There is too much stuff that is critical to the ongoing growth of the story that goes on outside of Gillian's conscious presence to justify leaving everything solely in her 1st person POV. Yet the idea of doing the outside of Gillian's scope story parts in story poem form is not going to work because the other characters are just not going to fly that way without being run through Gillian's narrative filter. For the longest times those separate needs of the tale were at war within me. A single series having multiple POV's seemed to alien to me for so long, only recently have I learned that it's actually a fairly legit thing to do, thanks to a question that popped up on a Facebook writing group I'm a part of (10 Minute Novelists).
This series is more experimental as a whole. I need to just stop feeling like an alien who will one day have to apologize for having a home in outer space.
The Plan:
The parts in Gillian's 1st person POV & story poem will continue as such. The parts taking place outside Gillian's presence will be done in a 3rd person semi-omniscient prose. All will continue to release serially as completed. All old installments will have an illustration added shortly after completion. New installments will have an illustration included, more often than not post-release. I won't be slowing down the release of new episodes just for the sake of having the illustration in it prior to publishing the post. In fact the goal in general is to not have long hiatuses at all. Some of the earliest parts of the series might get expanded, or an expanded version some day. Supplementary content is still planned. And merchandize will continue to be made available, especially in my Decadent Angels Zazzle shop
Also, I will be going through and updating any parts of the Decade Angels subdomain of my site that need it. Especially since now that I have a smart phone and can properly view the mobile version, I see a few things that need to be addressed in addition to the general stuff needing updates. For example the mobile site does not show the quick link for starting to read DA. Gotta make a page that has the guide to reading the series or something.
Hope to get the main story back to posting monthly, the additional story parts would also be nice to work into being once a month, with supplementary content being at least weekly in the weeks that don't have any story part posting. Might have to work up to that, given my schedule. It would rock if the next main story installment was ready to post by end of this month but just may not be ready until November, preferably not later.
If you have questions feel free to ask :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Announcements

Well, it’s official. I’ve utterly outgrown the old format. I’m definitely determined to not only start writing Decadent Angels in prose format instead of poetry, but to also convert the previous episodes from poetry to prose.

Me being me, I’m highly likely to create extended cuts for the earliest installments of the story as I write up the conversions.

Since I got me one of them Nook e-readers last week, I’ve had this fierce urge to start work on prepping Decadent Angels to release as e-books, as well as in print.

Also, today I updated the look of this blog. Yay, now it matches the main Bent Realm site much better. I also included my 1st whack at an illustrated header for it. About damn time on that.

Today I also started a Decadent Angels shop via Zazzle. Right now it’s just got one t-shirt in it but I’ve definitely got ideas for other items brewing in my noggin.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hurdles Slaughtered & Hybrid Mix Assimilated

Well 2010 was more of bust for productivity than I would have liked. Still got cowloads of stuff done. This year will be even better. What with the training wheels getting to come off.

Had a major break through in my organization process in December, which drastically reduces the amount of time spent hunting down specific items needed for a project. This last week, better known as the 1st week of the year, I tried out a new version of my schedule & it is working so much better. Which of course means more time freed up to work on Decadent Angels!

Also, I got a pen & tablet for Christmas which came with a better copy of photoshop. Yes, yes  art supplies that tis, but they also have major implications for Decadent Angels too. In designing merch for it, in finishing the title font image for the top of this blog – pretty the place up, and it too saves time. Time that can be applied to projects like this one.

Just spent an hour working on DA up in my art studio. And I managed to

Monday, August 9, 2010

12. 1 – Threshold Avoidance

..the flesh of the dead, fresh...
That thought,
Chilling me to my core
Echoing through my tenuous grip on consciousness
Eliciting bile to rise from the dregs of my hollow empty stomach
I began to dry heave,
Though as tremble-y as I'd been up to this point
I doubt any of those present noticed the difference
Sick dread throbbing and growing, I began to feel desperate
Violent thoughts and images filled my mind,
Urges to commit the foulest of atrocities
Darkened visions of cleaving all in my path into bloody puddles of carnage,
My perma-rage brewing just below the surface of my pale skin,
The diaphanous blue tint sparking like static electricity,
Fury simmering, swirling, rising,
Forming slick beaded rivulets of sweat,
All clinging to my fevered skin
Like the cold dead fingers of the newly deceased men I would soon have to eat

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arc 12

With Arc 12 Decadent Angels moves fully into a different approach to breaking down story segments. Most episodes from this point forward are to be set into arcs with each arc likely having more than one section or episode. I realize that may be confusing or sound like mere semantics, however it allows me more room to flesh out scenes of the series, to address important things that might otherwise be skipped if I continued doing the series as the first many parts had been done.

Arc 12- The Flesh of the Dead, Fresh
The title is taken from the last line in episode 11.

I wrote out a basic plot for 12, then sectioned it off into … sections. The plot for 12 was done in November 2008, very quickly. Then that December

Monday, May 17, 2010

11- Enter the Witch - Decadent Angels

My eyes sealed shut, I inexorably came to,
Hunger burning through my system
Like a gasoline tanker in a 15 car pile up,
The poison echoing through my nerve endings,
An unnerving, fully weakened, bloated, floating, spine-tingling sensation;

Azrael had summoned a witch, "a wild card" he'd said,
That did not bode well at all,
My salvation in a gambling toss of the dice,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Preview, Brief: 11 – Enter the Witch

With the unexpected April delays, the posting of Decadent Angels parts 11- 12.2 got pushed back. 11 will be up very soon, but I thought I’d like to give a little taste of what’s to come in it. Also I hope to put little previews like this up with each installment of the series, including an update. Extra features and supplementary content is expected to fill out most months a bit more evenly from now on. Episodes 1- 12.1 are re-posts, so with 12.2 I expect to go a little more monthly with the episode releases, or roughly about every 5 weeks. My schedule and plans do not allow for it to be more frequent. Art is also expected to begin coming out for DA this year.

As Gillian's hunger approaches a dangerous threshold, Azrael summons a witch to diagnose her species of undead & to seek an antidote to the poison that's apparently also tweaking her system hard. So enters the beauteous witch Astromena (who will play a significant role in the series), is it just me or is she not playing with a full deck?